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 Any Time Salsa

1 can of diced tomatoes

½ onion diced

2 cloves garlic chopped fine

1 hand full of cilantro chopped

½ jalapeño pepper (or more if you like hotter salsas) chopped fine

2 green onions chopped

Seasoning salt to taste

Combined all ingredients into one bowl, stir together and serve.  If you like a smoother salsa blend tomatoes, onion, garlic, and jalapeno in a blender.  Then add the rest of the ingredients.  This will keep in the refrigerator for 3-5 day.

Salmon Dip

4 oz Cream Cheese
4 oz Smoked Salmon chopped
12 oz Sour Cream
4oz to be mixed with cream cheese
8 oz to be layered on top of the salmon
1/8 Red onion finely chopped
1 tbsp Fresh Dill

Mix 4 oz of cream cheese and 4 oz of sour cream together.  Start by layering ingredients with the cream cheese and sour cream mixture.  Then layer all the other ingredients and it’s ready to go.

Easy Guacamole

1 avocado

Garlic salt to taste

A splash of lemon juice ½ tsp

Cut the avocado in half. Separate halves, remove the pit and scoop out the avocado with a spoon.  This is an easy way to remove the skin off the avocado.  Use a fork to mash the avocado and mix in the garlic salt and lemon juice.  Guacamole is a good addition to a lot of foods. I like guacamole on eggs, on salad or as a vegetable dip.


8 oz can of Garbanzo Beans drain about half the liquid out
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp Tahini sauce (sesame paste)
2-3 tbsp olive oil (cold pressed is best)
Salt and pepper to taste

Hummus can be made in a food processor or in a blender. Blend all ingredients together and serve.  For variations to this I have done roasted eggplant, brewer’s yeast, roasted garlic, cilantro or basil pesto mixed with hummus.  Your options are endless.

Orzo turkey vegetable salad

2 cups orzo
2 table spoons Olive oil
1 lb of ground turkey
4 cloves of garlic
½ onion
1 can of tomato chunks
4 stalks of celery
½ green bell pepper
1 carrot

Spices: oregano, garlic salt, pepper

2 table spoons Sour cream
3 table spoons feta cheese

Boil orzo in a sauce pan with salted water as directed on the package between 8-10 minutes.  In a skillet heat olive oil on medium heat add ground turkey, garlic, onion, salt, pepper, and oregano.  Sautee until turkey it is fully cooked add tomatos, cover and remove from heat.  Chop bell pepper, celery, spinach place in a big bowl.  When turkey mixture and orzo is done cooking add to vegetables.  Mix in sour cream and feta cheese and serve.

One Skillet Sausage Gollosh

1 package of smoked polish sausage sliced into small pieces

½ onion

2 tbsp garlic

3-4 cups of what ever vegetables are in the fridge.  I’ve used squash and zucchini or broccoli and celery.  Chopped into small pieces

1 can of corn

1 can of diced tomatoes

Salt and Pepper to taste

1 tsp Oregano

1 tbsp Parmesan cheese

This is a very easy and fast meal.  Start by cutting up all the ingredients. The cooking time on this is about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the type and size of the vegetable pieces. 

Start by browning the sausage on high heat in a large skillet.  Then add onions, garlic, fresh vegetables, salt, and pepper simmer on medium heat tell tender.  Then add corn, tomatoes, oregano.  Simmer for a few minutes to let all of the flavors combine.  After you remove the skillet from the heat sprinkle parmesan cheese on top and serve.

This meal serves about 4 people.  To feed more people serve over brown rice.

Dairy Free Tortilla Soup

1 lb chicken

2 cups chicken broth

1 cup water

1 can tomatoes diced liquid and all

1/2 jalapeño pepper

1/2 onion

2 cloves garlic (diced)

To taste



Cumin (it’s easy to overdo this one so start with a small pinch)

Simmer all ingredients together for 20 minuets  

Top each bowl with a little fresh cilantro

 Crock-pot Pork shoulders

4-6 Pork shoulder strips (country style)

1 Onion chopped into big pieces

Garlic as much as you want

1 tbsp worcestershire sauce

1 tbsp Hoisin sauce (optional)

1-2 tbsp soy sauce

1 tsp mustard

Combined in crock pot (could be done the night before) turn on low for 6-7 hrs.  If meat is frozen could take longer.

Crock Pot chicken and rice

4 chicken breasts

3 cups of rice

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

3 stalks celery

2 tbsp Chicken bullion

1 tbsp stake seasoning

Place rice on the bottom of the crock-pot.  Add all other ingredients on top of the rice.  This can be done the night before or in the morning. 

Add 5 cups of water before turning on the crock-pot.  Simmer on low for 4-6 hour

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